All Saints Fair

The All Saints Fair is an annual fair that celebrates the lives of our saints. Students choose a saint they would like to research and explore in depth, and then they present their work to the community. All fifth and sixth grade Sunday School students are encouraged to participate. Instructions and display boards are distributed at the beginning of the Sunday School year. Over the coming months, students have time in class to work on their projects, and they are free to work on their displays at home. Students explore their saints in both a historical and religious context while also considering their personal ties to their chosen saints. The All Saints Fair is held during the season of Pentecost. Students are accessible during the fair to further explain and/or answer any questions the community might have about the saints. Prizes are awarded based on creativity and thorough knowledge of the saint. 

2018 Competitors 

1st Place: Fadya Elias

2nd Place: Anna Katherine Coumanis 

3rd Place: Nick Torrans