Renovation Campaign 2023

Dear Friend,

In 1961, a dream became a reality when the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church was built at 50 S. Ann St. in the historic Mobile area.  Since that time, we have seen many baptisms, weddings and funerals, as well as other memorable community events including our annual Greek Festival, which is attended by thousands of our citizens.

Buildings, like our physical bodies, age and require care and attention.  Our Church building has endured many strong storms and hurricanes over the past 62 years, and we have always done our best to maintain the integrity of our sanctuary.  Recently, we have noticed areas of water intrusion that have damaged the dome and our beautiful iconography.  We secured the professional services of BE-CI to do a thorough examination of the exterior of both our sanctuary and our Hellenic Center, and they have identified a number of areas that need immediate attention to prevent future interior and exterior damage to our beloved Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.  Our estimated exterior and interior restoration costs are $500,000, and this work will help to ensure that our sanctuary and Hellenic Center will help us continue to share our Orthodox Christian faith and our Hellenic culture with all of Mobile.

Our Church is a treasure in our Mobile community and is important to our cultural and spiritual lives.  Therefore, we hope you will help us preserve and protect its integrity by contributing to this renovation appeal.  We want to continue to be the beautiful beacon of faith and culture on historic Ann St.  Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.


The Renovation Committee


Tonie Ann Coumanis Torrans (Chair), Rev. Father Matthew Carter, Kathryn Coumanis, Alexandrea West Martin, Keri Coumanis, George Kalaris, Dominic Stratas, Tia Karavokiros, Chryssa Karavokiros, Dale Greenstein, Nick Tsounis, Harry Palles, James Pappas, Yiannis Grevenitis